Chimney Pointing

Have you ever looked at your chimney pointing and chimney crowns and noticed that the cement/mortar in between the bricks are cracking or flaking?  Or maybe the color has even changed?  Cracks in the mortar whether large are small can allow water to enter.  This can cause damage to not only your chimney but your home.  Not only is this is going to weaken the integrity of your chimney, but it can also damage the walls of your home. Causing the paint on your sheetrock to bubble or damage your wall paper.  

Chimney pointing services, chimney repointing is a restorative process that involves carefully removing deteriorated mortar joints of the chimney and replacing them with new mortar intelligently formulated.   To do this correctly you must grind or chisel out mortar joints to the minimum of 1” of depth.  While this can be time consuming, it is advised to make sure no mortar fins are left behind to ensure the new mortar pointed obtains a direct bond to the brick.

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Chimney Crowns

The crown, is the very top part of your chimney usually made of concrete, stone or metal. The purpose of the crown is to keep the rain and animals out of your chimney. The crown is constructed to close the gap between the bricks and the flue. A well-made chimney pointing and chimney crowns is crucial to having a long lasting structurally sound chimney. It is important to have a downwards pitch on your crown to keep the rain water flowing off of it. If you have a flat crown this can lead to puddling at the top causing potential water leaks.