Chimney Cleaning, Sweeping and Inspections

Keeping your chimney clean and chimney cleaning sweeping and Inspection in New York is a very important part for safe living conditions in your home.  Annual cleanings and inspections are needed to make sure your chimney is functioning properly.   

Fireplace cleaning- Creosote is a dangerous and toxic by-product that forms from burning wood.  It sticks to the inside of your chimneys walls and can be very dangerous when built up.  It is very flammable during intense heat and one of the main reasons for chimney fires.  Our fireplace cleanings include sweeping and vacuuming the firebox, smoke chamber, damper, smoke shelf, and chimney liner.

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chimney cleaning sweeping and inspections
chimney cleaning sweeping and inspections

Although oil and gas fueled appliances may not produce the creosote that your fireplace produces, they need cleanings too.  They produce soot which is highly corrosive and can do a significant amount of damage to the inside of your chimney.  Our boiler chimney cleanings include sweeping the chimney liner from top to bottom and removing all debris at the base of the chimney. 

Reasons to get a chimney inspected:

  • when you’re installing a new heating appliance or water heater
  •  if you’re moving into a new home
  •  if you’ve noticed a change in the way your appliances are working
  • if you smell gas or oil in your home
  • conversion from oil to gas

Secured Chimney offers a free level 1 chimney inspection with every time you call for chimney cleaning. This inspection includes inspecting all readily accessible parts of the chimney on the exterior and the chimney connection at the base. Generally, it involves disconnecting the appliance from the chimney and looking up the chimney with a light to check for blockages and cleanliness. Chimney Cleaning Sweeping and Inspection in New York